Emmy Awarding Winning
Recovery from Hurricane Maria

Mission to Puerto Rico


2019 College Emmy Award for “Best News”

A team of students and faculty from Montclair State University visited Puerto Rico on March 3-10, 2018, for a student journalism project on the effects of Hurricane Maria six-months after the storm ravaged the island. The School of Communication and Media (SCM) team included seven journalism and TVDM students, some of whom have family ties to Puerto Rico. Each student produced their own mini-doc video was responsible for all research, camera-work, reporting, video and audio production, and post-production.

The devastation wrought by Maria has touched nearly everyone at Montclair, and the students wanted to spend their spring break week showing support and solidarity for fellow countrymen still reeling from the devastation. At the same time, they wanted an opportunity to put to use their reporting skills with this unique learning opportunity. The student’s main focus will be on stories of resilience, recovery, and hope, and they intend to share their stories with folks back home after they return in hopes of providing greater understanding.

Mission to Vega Baja

By Madison Glassman

A NJ church community helps rebuild a church in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, six months after Hurricane Maria nearly destroyed it.


By Krystal Acosta

This is Gallowy’s, a family owned restuarant with a long and colorful history dating back to the 1950s. G’s, as people call it, is the largest employer in town. Krystal Acosta reports on the local recovery.

MG Cash & Carry

By Laura Galarza

Between the mountains is a family market which opened 56 years ago. When Maria stuck, landslides and overflowing rivers destroyed the local community and a family market became Utuado’s lifeline.

A New Puerto Rico

By Natalie De La Rosa

A new Puerto Rico is born after the disaster of Hurricane Maria. Tourism is an important part of the Puerto Rican economy with supports more than 60,000 jobs. After Maria, still come to the island but they are not necessarily tourists.

Lessons in Resilience

By Laura Galarza

Hurricane Maria affected education in Puerto Rico drastically. The University system which has an enrollment of over 57,000 students suffered incredible damage.

The Resilience Fund

By Madjiguene Traore

Driving through parts of Puerto Rico it is easy to be captivated by the scenery and pure beauty of the land. But Hurricane Maria was estimated to have destroyed close to 80% of the island’s agriculture.

Open for Business

By Genesis Obando

When we think of Hurricane Maria we think about how damaged Puerto Rico’s shoreline was, but what we don’t realize was that the inner part of the island was damaged as well. We travel inland to report on recovery 6 months after the storm.

Abuela’s Hogar

By Mariano Arocho

A small family run nursing home just outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico struggles to recover after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Meals with Love

By Babee Garcia

Ventura Vivoni, a celebrity chef previously featured in the Food Network’s show “Cutthroat Kitchen,” is from Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. Vivoni has worked with World Central Kitchen, a well-known organization that has been distributing food to the people in need from natural disasters. In the town of Castanele, he and his volunteers had brought food to serve to the community, including people who are bedridden. With a passion for the culinary arts and generosity, Chef Vivoni was able to serve many meals post Hurricane Maria and continues to do so now.

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